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Located in the heart of Abidjan in the district of Angré, H-FABLAB is a digital manufacturing laboratory whose primary objective is to promote learning by doing among young people in school or not, literate or not in French. While exploring the possibilities of open science, our services are about creating an applied research space and framework to prototype, test and scale local solutions. Concretely, H-FABLAB offers short circuits of qualifying and inclusive training intended for:

      Young men and women in or outside the school circuit;

      Young men and women who are not literate or not literate in French;

     People looking for professional reorientation;

     Leaders of professional/personal projects;

     Holders of ideas and solutions to local issues;

     Curious in general about applied research in Education and Agriculture in Africa and other sectors.


urban farmig: Setting up a DIT hydroponics unit

HfabLab, Koffi Dodji Honou, ESSOH Cyrille

Agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa has been delayed by the youth for several reasons including the lack of mechanization, the hardship of the work...
Food crops have given way to export crops such as coffee, cocoa, rubber, etc
In addition to the transmission of know-how, it's a question of discovering a new attractive, alternative ecological method
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