Lesley Li

Lesley Li
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Lesley Li

Lesley is the CEO and co-founder of U Impact. Prior she worked for leading investment banks such as JP Morgan and Barclays in London for over ten years. She graduated with two Masters in Finance and Industrial Management from the University of Cambridge. She founded U Impact in Berlin in early 2020 with the mission to mobilise retail investments towards sustainability.

She gave a TEDx talk in Berlin in 2022, and was awarded the Women in Fintech Powerlist 2021 Top 10 ESG leader by Innovate Finance.

U Impact is an award winning startup which helps financial institutions to turn their ESG cost and regulatory burden into revenue and growth opportunities by using data to empower their clients to become more confident and sustainable investors.


Cash or cashless? Who cares! It’s about how money and the finance industry can be a catalyst for the sustainability transformation.

David Lais, Lubomila Jordanova, Lesley Li, Alexander Langer

In the last few years, financial service providers have increasingly been constrained to adapt to the new kid on the block: climate change. 

Yet a new banking era is on the rise and most still fail to see the role and, frankly, the gold mine the financial sector is sitting on when it comes to achieving an effective sustainability transformation.
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