Lesly Fonseca Tundidor

Photo credit / Image credit
Paolo De Blender

Lesly Fonseca Tundidor (CUB) is a curator, art critic, and technocultural researcher. She holds a Master's Degree in Digital Art Curation (Escuela Superior de Diseño, Ramón Llull University of Barcelona, ​​Spain) and in Art History (Universidad de La Habana, Facultad de Artes y Letras). Her research has focused on New Media, specifically Game-Studies. She has curated a dozen exhibitions, as a museologist, gallerist, and curator in different Cuban art institutions (Museo de Arte Colonial, Collage Habana Gallery, among others) as well as independent art studios (Fanguito Studio, El Oficio). Among the best-known exhibits are "Just in Time to Play" (2018) with pioneers of Game Art in Cuba; "NPC: Non-Playable Character" (2019) during the 13th Biennial of Havana, with international exponents linked to digital art and pioneers of Net. Art; LOADING during the fourth edition of The Wrong Biennial. She has given conferences on those topics at the Pérez Art Museum (PAAM) in Miami; Galeria Continua Havana; during LOOP Barcelona Videoart Festival (2022), ​​GAIA (Game Arts International Assembly, 2021); Toda la Teoria del Universo (2021), in Chile; and has also been a jury member of the Bogotá Experimental Film Festival (2021), at Asimtria Experimental Sound and Video Festival (2020) in Peru. She is known, together with Cuban artist Paolo De, for her transmedia column "Megashark vs Giant Octopus" in Hypermedia Magazine dedicated to deconstructing techno-cult and post-internet phenomena in Cuba. Her texts can be found in El Oficio; Art Cronica; ArtonCuba (Cuban Magazine of Visual Arts) and in the Anthology of Cuban Art "Lenguaje Sucio".