A Pigeon‘s Tale

Julia Schneider aka Doc J Snyder, Pauline Cremer, Marcus Voss

Join us as we explore the world of "A Pigeon's Tale", an oversized comic tale about artificial intelligence and sustainability — driven by a pigeon that seeks a nuanced understanding of these topics beyond science fiction clichés.
Off Stage
The Pigeon of the Comic A Pigeon’s Tale, saying Hello

This comic essay installation uses large format comic pages to creatively explore the impact of artificial intelligence on sustainability.

"A Pigeon's Tale" invites visitors on a journey through the connections, opportunities and risks between these major social issues of recent years. The installation is not only a visual attraction. It also encourages deeper dialogue and reflection on the role of AI in our future and how it can contribute to promoting sustainable development.

We believe that A Pigeon's Tale is a relevant addition to this year's festival theme of 'Who Cares? The installation offers a perspective on the responsibility and influence we as a society have in dealing with technological advances and their impact on our environment and society.


Doc J Snyder Portrait
Comic Essayist and Economist
Portrait of Marcus
AI Engineer and Intelligence Architect