Julia Schneider aka docjsnyder

Comic Essayist and Economist
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I am Julia Schneider aka docjsnyder, a Berlin-based comic author. I create tailor-made comic essays – often on complex topics at the intersection of society & economics, art, data and technology. With my work, I aim to inspire people to form their own positions - bridging the gap between intellect and intuition.

At this year's re:publica, our latest comic essay about non-fungible tokens, the Non-Fungible Comic, will be on display for the first time in the form of an exhibition - and digitally for download on our website nonfungiblecomic.org. I prefer a playful and simple access to knowledge, e.g. with open licenses.

Check out my latest comic essay “Money Matters – Ein Comic Essay über Geld” if you would like to know more about money (with Pauline Cremer and Miriam Beblo, in German).

My best known work to date is the comic essay on artificial intelligence “We Need to Talk, AI – A Comic Essay on Artificial Intelligence” (with Lena Kadriye Ziyal). It is available in English, German (“KI, wir müssen reden – Ein Comic Essay über Künstliche Intelligenz”), Turkish, Spanish, Russian and Slovenian, and as open online course. I have a PhD in economics (empirical microeconometric studies of the labor market) and worked for many years in academic economics and data science.