Julia Schneider aka Doc J Snyder

Comic Essayist and Economist
Portrait of comic essayist Doc J Snyer
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Julia Schneider aka docjsnyder is a Berlin-based comic essayist, PhD economist and former consultant in the field of artificial intelligence.

Her internationally acclaimed comic essays aim to be profound but non-didactic, bridging intellect and intuition and reflecting complex but important issues at the intersection of technology, art, economics and social utopias like AI, blockchain or , indeed, CASH.

She enjoys collaborating with a wide range of artists and cares about equality of access. That is why she regularly uses Open Licenses to create and distribute what she works on.

Please do get in touch if you also enjoy approaching complex issues creatively and respectfully - and are sick of clichés.

Julia really enjoys such company:

hello@docjsnyder.net or @docjsnyder on social media.