Julia Schneider aka Doc J Snyder

Comic Essayist and Economist
Doc J Snyder Portrait
Foto/Bild Credit
Thomas Wieck

Julia Schneider aka Doc J Snyder is a Berlin-based comic essayist, PhD economist and former consultant in the field of artificial intelligence. Her handgeschneiderte Comic Essays bridge the gap between intellect and intuition and aim to be profound ‒ but hopefully not didactic. They have been read, bought, quoted, shared, by a wide and passionate audience, exhibited many times in museums and at conferences, and reviewed in the media, both nationally and internationally. Her work reflects on complex topics at the intersection of technology, art, economics, and social change, such as Artificial Intelligence, Work, Money. In her work, Doc J Snyder typically does the brainstorming, conceptualizing, researching, storytelling, and writing ‒ and scribbling associations to the text ‒ sometimes with co-writers, while she enjoys collaborating with various visual artists on the comic art. Equal access to opportunities is important to her. That is why most of her work is under an open license.


A Pigeon's Tale: Let‘s care about the impact of artificial intelligence on sustainability

Julia Schneider aka Doc J Snyder, Marcus Voss, Pauline Cremer

Join the pigeon and us in "A Pigeon’s Tale" to care about AI’s impact on sustainability. Experience a performative comic reading and an in-depth discussion about AI and sustainability.
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