Let's talk: Come on stage for the "Conference" programme at re:publica!

20.12.2021 - Submit your ideas to the Call for Participation for rp22 now.
Lisa Charlotte Rost auf der Bühne der re:publica (#rp17) in Berlin. Hinter ihr auf der Leinwand ist zu lesen: „Strong opinions, loosely held.“
Photo Credit
re:publica/Gregor Fischer

We keep going on. All the issues that are urgently on our minds, over and over again, cannot be blown away by any wind—at #rp22 we will face them again. True to our motto: Any Way the Wind Blows!

Giving up would be gutless and far too easy. Instead of resignation, we demand action. Paroles. Buzzword bingo. A statement battle. Straight talk! We want to continue together with you, to keep talking, to keep discussing, to repeat ourselves, to counteract the loss of control, to face the storm and not just go with the flow. In 2022, we want to give those issues a stage that have always been important, are all the more urgent today and will be unavoidable in the future.

Let’s be courageous and look to the future with optimism: How can we create a digital society that is worth living in, tackle climate change and solve global crises as a world community? Everyone is invited to help contribute to these discussions at re:publica 22.

To ensure that you can get involved in as many ways as possible, we have extended the Call for Participation to our four festival areas and added various formats. For the conference area, we are looking for content that will take place on our stages. Here you can choose between the following formats: 

  • Lightning Talk: 1 speaker, 15-minute talk plus 15-minute Q&A
  • Lecture: 1 to 2 speakers, 30 minutes or 1 hour including Q&A
  • In Conversation With: 2 speakers without moderation, 45-minute talk plus 15-minute Q&A
  • Panel Discussion: Up to 3 speakers plus moderator, 45-minute discussion plus 15-minute Q&A
  • Live podcast: Live production during the event, no time limit
  • Meet Up: Open format for an informal exchange on a topic of interest, possibly light moderation by meet up organisers, 60 minutes

Looking for some inspiration? Then get comfy on the couch, fire up that Bluetooth speaker and listen to the recorded #rp19 sessions as a podcast or browse through the video archive on our Youtube channel. Maybe the motto of re:publica 2022 "Any Way the Wind Blows!" will inspire your ideas, or our "Tracks" and "Tags" will help you sort your content for the first time.
"Tracks" are general subject areas according to which we cluster programme contributions: politics, media, science, technology, culture, economy and society.
In addition to the Tracks, this year we are also working with "Tags", i.e. keywords that allow for an easier selection of specific topics. For example: City, Coding, Space, etc. In your sessions, you can still set priorities with a maximum of three tags.

We can't wait to hear your ideas for the “Conference” programme, which you can submit to our Call for Participation until 6 February 2022.

Find all information about the Call for Participation here and in our FAQ. Or head straight to our CfP registration here.