#rp23 keynote speaker Tupoka Ogette: Making anti-racism part of everyday life.

17.03.2023 - The expert on critical race theory is coming to re:publica 2023!
Tupoka lehnt an einem Treppengeländer. Sie hat ein schwarzes Oberteil an und steht vor einem Fenster.
Photo Credit
Alina Schessler

We all cannot help the world we were born into. But each and every one of us can take responsibility and help shape this world.

Racism is a persistent enemy and can only be deconstructed if more and more people become aware of it. Tupoka Ogette has been actively opposing group-based misanthropy and advocating for the institutionalisation of anti-racism for more than ten years. Her work addresses the almost invisible racist structures that have become entrenched in our thinking and actions.

Since 2012, Tupoka Ogette has been working as a consultant and trainer in the field of critical race theory. In this role, she leads workshops and trainings in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, appears as a speaker, and advises teams and organisations. Her manual "exit RACISM. Rassismuskritisch denken lernen" (Learning to Think Critically of Racism) was a SPIEGEL bestseller. Since mid-March, her journal "Tag für Tag aktiv gegen Rassismus" (Day by day active against racism) is available in stores.

Ogette also became known for her "TUPODCAST". The format takes and demands space for conversations about being Black and a woman and about survival in a white, patriarchal majority society. Together with her guests, Tupoka gives an insight into the diversity of perspectives, life plans and realities of Black women in Germany.

During re:publica 2022, "DEBUG - VR Experience Against Racism", a racism-critical installation based on Tupoka Ogette's book "Exit Racism" and her definition of "Happyland", was on display. We are looking forward to inspiring discussions with our keynote speaker Tupoka Ogette at #rp23.