DEBUG - VR Experience Against Racism

Darío Morazán, Theodora Karagianni, Byron Co

Location: Arena

Where are you really from? Your German is so good. You look so exotic!
This virtual reality (VR) installation allows you to experience racial microaggressions — its discomfort, dissonance, and disturbance.
To deconstruct racism, we have to debug our current state of mind. Start your journey out of Happyland now.
Off Stage

Imagine as you journey alone through a vast deserted landscape, with Happyland behind, mosquitoes begin to rapidly swarm around you.

DEBUG is an immersive VR experience addressing the effects of racial microaggressions. These are frequent verbal or behavioural attacks, whether intentional or unintentional. "Where are you really from?", "Your German is so good.", "You look so exotic!” Microaggressions communicate derogatory attitudes towards stigmatized groups.

The VR installation recreates the experience of discomfort, dissonance, and disturbance. By having more sensitivity and empathy, we can collectively fight against systemic racism.

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