AI-Berts Fresh Place

Nonhuman Nonsense

Location: Flutgraben

Welcome to AI-Bert’s Fresh Place, a supermarket run by an Artificial Intelligence, filled with “Personalized Solutions for Life on a Damaged Planet”! Can AI help us make different choices as ecosystems and value chains crumble? Could we trust an AI created in our own

Off Stage

The supermarket is a place where all of the world's history and power structures are present, albeit hidden behind the smiling face of commercialism and advertising. Colonialism, resource extractivism, industrial agriculture, climate change, and ecosystem collapse are all there. But so are our survival, our cultures, our ancestors, and our connections.

The ecological crisis brings to the fore fundamental ethical issues: If there are to be more for nonhumans (habitats/resources/agency), does there have to be less for humans? As we look to technology and its efficiency improvements, will the search for more ever leave us feeling we have enough? Where is the boundary between desires and needs?

AI-Bert was born out of #gpt3, an enormous language model trained on the whole internet.