Nonhuman Nonsense

Linnea, Filips and Leo in their studio
Foto/Bild Credit
Sam Zeller

Nonhuman Nonsense is a research-driven design and art studio creating near-future fabulations and experiments somewhere between utopia and dystopia. They seek to transmute our relationship to the non-human, by embracing the contradictory and the paradoxical – telling stories that open the public imaginary to realities that currently seem impossible. Consisting of Leo Fidjeland, Linnea Våglund, and Filips Staņislavskis, it is based in Berlin.

At re:publica, they are bringing in a virtual, AI-led supermarket "AI-Bert's Fresh Place" that promises to provide "Personalized Solutions for Life on a Damaged Planet". Look for the shopping cart with smartphones to chat with the AI and get your own personalized solution!