Code of Conduct

Since 2007, re:publica stands for diversity in an open society. For us, it goes without saying that no one should be discriminated on the basis of age, gender, appearance, sexual orientation, physical, mental or emotional abilities, skin colour, origin or religion.

Please support us in ensuring that this openness in all its facets is also reflected at re:publica this year. Respect others as you would respect yourself and contribute to a pleasant atmosphere for everyone—in your comments and posts on blogs, websites, in the Twittersphere and other networks, as well as on site during the festival.

We practise a level-headed, moderate approach with others and we would like you to do the same. The re:publica stands for coming together in a relaxed atmosphere. Therefore please act in a responsible manner on all platforms and de-escalate before a conflict occurs. We do not tolerate hatred, defamation, intimidation, threats, condescending comments or similar behaviour and will take decisive action against it!

Please contribute to making everyone feel safe and do not hesitate to approach other participants or the re:publica team if you need help or support. We will reprimand troublemakers and reserve the right to expel participants from the event or the festival grounds in extreme cases, or to block them in the digital space. If someone feels wrongly accused or faced with hostility about something, we kindly ask them to contact us and we will try to clarify the matter and resolve the issue together.

Do you have further questions? More information can be found in our FAQ. Also, please feel free to contact us at info at anytime. Questions regarding tickets can be asked directly via: ticket at