General FAQ

Where can I find the ticket presale?

Tickets for our events can be found on the sub-page of each event. Please click on our "Hamburger Menu" (top left) to find and acces those pages. These links will work as well:

I would like to be a volunteer at re:publica. How does this work?

Awesome! The re:publica would not exist without our community and our volunteers. Use the "Hamburger Menu" ( top left) to navigate to the subpages for each of our events. There is more information under "Become Helping Hand" on those pages. Usually this menu item appears a couple of months before the event. For re:publica 2020 the registration will start at the end of February/early March 2020.
If you can not find that page, or need more information just write a quick email to help (at)!

Where can I find the programme?

The programme of our events can be found on the subpage of each event. You can open and access those pages by opening the "Hamburger Menu" ( top left). Please note: The full schedule and/or timetable will be available a few weeks before the event.

Where can I find the FAQs about...

The frequently asked questions for our events can be found on the subpages, which you can open and access via the "Hamburger-Menü" ( top left).

I want to partner up with a re:publica event. How?

Check the subpages of our events for a "become a partner" menu item. If you can not find one, or it is not shown, please contact us right away via partner (at)!

I would like to submit a session, how and where?

We have collected all the information on the sub-pages for each event. Use the "Hamburger menu" ( top left) to select the event you are interested in.
If you can not find the answers you are looking for, or you do not know where to look, feel free to contact programme (at)

Where can I find press information?

The "Hamburger Menu" (  top left) gives you the option to open up the sub pages for each event, on which there is a press/mediaarea per event. If you can not find the area, need more help or information, just contact us via presse (at)

What is re:publica?

Please have a look right here.