Early Bird Tickets from 12 October 2022 (while stocks last)
Standard: € 199.00
Business: € 799.00 *
Reduced: € 49.00 **

Regular (until 15 April 2023)
Standard: € 279.00
Business: € 899.00 *
Reduced: € 75.00 **

Regular (from 15 April 2023)
Standard: € 299.00
Business: € 999.00 *
Reduced: € 99.00 **

Each ticket includes entry to re:publica 2023. All prices include 19% VAT and fees. Our partner, Pretix, will issue invoices for each order, which are automatically sent out along with the tickets.

Tickets can be ordered online until 4 June 2023, 23:55. Please note: If you have a ticket code, you must also redeem it by this time. From 5 June 2023, tickets will "only" be available at the more expensive box office price, subject to availability. Daily updates are available on our Twitter channel.

* Includes catering on all three days and other exclusive benefits.
** Reduced tickets are available for pupils, students, trainees, volunteers, ALG II recipients (not ALG I), pensioners (and people aged 65 or over) and people with disabilities. Proof of eligibility must be presented for accreditation.

With a business ticket you get access to several extras, including:

  • Fastlane at the entrance
    No more waiting in long queues: We offer special accreditation counters for business ticket holders (fastlane access may not be guaranteed at certain times).
  • Access to Business and Speaker Lounge
    If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the re:publica festival for a while, the centrally located Business and Speaker Lounge is the place to go for relaxed talks in a quiet atmosphere and maybe even the chance to meet re:publica Berlin speakers.
  • Contact person from re:publica at the Business Lounge
    A member of the re:publica team will be available to answer questions in the Business and Speaker Lounge.
  • Catering on all three event days
    Catering at the Business Lounge is included in the Business Ticket. Vegetarian and vegan options are of course also available.
  • Soft drinks, coffee and tea flat rates.
    Drinks are included at the Business and Speaker Lounge.
  • Guided Tours
    New to the re:publica? Looking for programme highlights, the most popular meeting places and real insider tips? Don't miss out! We will be offering Business Ticket holders daily guided tours in small groups on the festival grounds.

It's simple: You should have an official document that was valid at the time of the ticket purchase that you show us before validating the ticket. The name on the document should match the name on the ticket. Contact us via ticket at re-publica.com if this is not the case.

  • Pupils need a valid school ID with a photo (or an school ID plus photo ID if the school ID does not have a photo).
  • University students of any age need a valid student ID with photo or a current enrollment certificate and photo ID.
  • Apprentices, corporate volunteers ("Volontär*innen") and trainees need an informal written confirmation from the employer or a confirmation from the vocational school or the training center.
  • Recipients of Bürgergeld (previously: "ALG II") can show their Berlinpass or a written confirmation (e.g. official notice of eligibility).
  • FSJers and BFDers need a FSJ/BFD volunteer card or an informal written confirmation from the employer.
  • Pensioners (as well as all people aged 65 or older) must show a pension certificate or a photo ID with the corresponding date of birth.
  • People with disabilities need a disability card (degree of disability is not important to us) or a separate confirmation from re:publica (via ticket at re-publica.com). Info on accompanying persons for people with disabilities can be found here.

Please note: The documents must be (have been) valid at the time of ticket purchase. The country of origin is not relevant. Your official documents should be in German or English or clearly and easily understandable.

Yes! For groups of 10 or more school students there is the possibility to get tickets at the price of € 49,- per person (including teaching staff). Please note: The entrance for everyone under the age of 16 is free. For groups with many people under 16, please contact us via ticket (at) re-publica.com.

You need pay by invoice? Select "Prepayment" in the order process. After the successful order you will automatically receive an invoice.

Is the data of the participants at hand?

For confirmed groups with known participants, we recommend purchasing through this link:
To the ticket store for EDU groups

If not all of the attendee data is available, we recommend purchasing ticket codes that can then be sent out to individual participants.
To the ticket code store for EDU groups

Yes! For groups of five students or more and when ordering through a recognised university (or a comparable recognized educational institution) tickets are available at a reduced rate of only € 49,- per person (accompanying staff included).

You need pay by invoice? Select "Prepayment" in the order process. After the successful order you will automatically receive an invoice.

Is the data of the participants at hand?

For confirmed groups with known participants, we recommend purchasing through this link:
To the ticket store for EDU groups

If not all of the attendee data is available, we recommend purchasing ticket codes that can then be sent out to individual participants.
To the ticket code store for EDU groups

Yes! We offer discounts for small NGOs and non-profit organisations!

Number of tickets Discount
1 - 9 10%*
10 - 49 10%
50 - 99 20%
100 - 499 30%
500 - 999 40%
1000+ 50%

*For NGOs and non-profit organisations only.

Checklist for claiming the discount:

  • Your NGO or non-profit organization has less than 20 full-time employees? ✓
  • You are a full-time or full-time employee of the NGO or nonprofit organization? ✓
  • You want to buy less than 10 tickets? ✓

  Yes, all three of these points apply!

If you are a part-time or volunteer employee of an NGO or nonprofit organization, or if your NGO/NPO has more than 20 full-time employees, please ask by email whether you are eligible to take the offer.

Note: Not all NGOs and non-profit organisations are eligible for this offer. We reserve the right to review ticket orders.


Yes, we offer special conditions for groups of 10 or more. Group discounts cannot be combined with other promotions and only apply to standard tickets.

Number of tickets


10 - 49

10% (Discount is automatically deducted in the shopping cart)

50 - 99


100 - 500


*For orders of 50 or more tickets, please contact ticket (at) re-publica.com directly.

You need pay by invoice? Select "Prepayment" in the order process. After the successful order you will automatically receive an invoice.

Is the data of the participants at hand?

For confirmed groups with known participants we recommend the purchase via this link:
To the ticket shop for groups (standard tickets)

We recommend the purchase of ticket codes, which can then be sent out to the individual participants.
To the ticket code shop for groups (standard tickets

Share: Tickets are personalised and cannot be split between several people.

Transfer: Tickets can be transferred to another name once until 4 June 2023 via the link in your order confirmation email.

You can't make it to rp23 after all and would like to have your ticket transferred to someone else? You want to give away or sell your ticket?

No problem. You can easily change the details of your ticket yourself. You will find a link for this in your order confirmation or in your ticket email, that you received after your purchase from Pretix. Please note that this can only be done until 4 June 2023 and there will be no rebooking or refund. So if you don't want the ticket to be a gift, you would need to clarify this with the person receiving it beforehand.

If you have any questions or problems, just send us a quick email to ticket at re-publica.com.


You have two options to join us for free:

  • Become a volunteer
    Before, during and after re:publica we depend on the support of volunteers. As a volunteer, you will receive a three-day ticket in exchange for an 8-hour volunteer shift, including meals during your time of service. Volunteer accreditation is expected to start in March 2023.
  • Become a speaker
    Our "Call for Participation" (CfP), offering you to submit your own talk, workshop, discussion panel or other activities, starts soon.

Furthermore, low-priced tickets are often sold on Twitter or Facebook [1][2]. Keep an eye on those channels or make yourself heard with a post!

(re:publica and republica GmbH are not responsible for privately resold tickets and/or the resale process).

Cancellation of tickets for re:publica 2023 is not possible.

In case re:publica 2023 cannot take place as planned, we will inform you about the possibilities of a refund in due time.

It is possible to transfer your #rp23 ticket. You can find information in our FAQ: How do I transfer my ticket to another person?

Our ticketing partner Pretix offers an easy way to get the link ticket, order confirmation or invoice sent again via email.
To request a link, click here and enter the e-mail address used when ordering.

If you do not receive an e-mail, please check your SPAM folder for e-mails from support at pretix.eu or ticket at re-publica.com, or try a different e-mail address.
ou can of course ask us for help directly via ticket at re-publica.com.

In some rare cases our ticketing partner's communication with payment services is faulty.
Please check your emails to see if you have received an order confirmation from support at pretix.eu or ticket at re-publica.com.

If yes, there's an email, you can use the link in that email to check whether your payment was successful or even change the payment method and try again.

If no, there's no email, but you are sure that you have ordered and/or you have a confirmation email from your payment service, you can request a new email from us (via Pretix) here. Please also check your SPAM folder for emails from support at pretix.eu or ticket at re-publica.com.

If you have not received an email from us or Pretix even after a manual request, your order has not gone through. In this case you can try again. You might want to try it with a different browser or another payment method.

If you have problems with a payment made in davance by bank transfer, please look here.

Payments made in advance ("Banküberweisung") may take up to a week for our system to process. In some cases even longer.

Not sure if your payment has been received in full and/or already processed? You can check via the link in the order confirmation.
If you can't find the link or email, click here.

Tickets for individual days are not offered in the general online pre-sale for re:publica 2023.

  • Animals, dogs in particular
    For the well-being of animals and for safety reasons, animals are generally not allowed on the premises.
    Exceptions apply for therapy dogs (especially guide dogs). Please contact us as early as possible via ticket at re-publica.com!
  • Bag checks
    A bag check will be carried out by our security service at the entrance.
    Large bags and suitcases cannot be taken onto the grounds and must be deposited at the free suitcase cloakroom. Small bags and rucksacks are no problem, but our security service will take a look inside.
  • Bottles and other containers
    Plastic bottles up to 1.5 l, or glass bottles up to 1.0 l and thermos bottles ("Dopper" bottles) may be taken onto the premises.
  • Kickscooters and scooters
    Scooters with and without electric drive as well as e-boards and skate boards cannot be taken onto the premises and must be handed in at the suitcase cloakroom.
  • Bicycles
    Please leave bicycles at the designated bicycle parking spaces. Folding bikes can also be left at the suitcase cloakroom.
  • Dangerous objects
    Weapons, ammunition and pyrotechnic goods are not allowed on the premises. Please note: These items cannot be stored in our suitcase cloakroom either.
  • Hygiene and safety precautions
    We are currently working on a comprehensive security and hygiene concept for re:publica 22.
    More information will follow shortly.

Children up to and including 15 years of age are admitted free of charge. From the age of 16, a ticket is required. 

We recommend that younger children are always accompanied and supervised by an adult. See also "Can I bring an accompanying person to re:publica?"

For each completed order, our ticket service provider creates an invoice. Of course, there can always be incorrect or incomplete data.

Incorrect or incomplete billing address? Typing error? Customer reference or VAT ID missing? No problem, use the link from the ticket order confirmation to easily correct the invoice data and issue a new invoice.

Note: This will create a new invoice number and at the same time create a cancellation invoice for the original one. The order number and content remains the same.

Of course you can! The easiest way is to buy a regular ticket for your companion. But there are other options as well:

  • Accompaniment for people with disabilities
    The re:publica wants to be as accessible as possible for people with disabilities. We design the festival grounds to be as accessible as possible for people with disabilities and provide a variety of help and support. Unfortunately, however, not all barriers can be removed. People with disabilities can invite one accompanying person to re:publica free of charge. In exceptional cases, they can bring more than one person or different accompanying persons on different days. The famous "B" (accompanying person/"Begleitperson") in your ID card is not mandatory. Please contact us in advance via ticket at re-publica.com with your ticket number and a short explanation or a simple comment about your wish to have an "accompanying person". Make sure to contact us as soon as possible!
  • "Nanny" persons
    If you are coming to re:publica with your child, it is possible to get access for a nanny (e.g. grandparent, parent, close friend) via ticket at re-publica.com. Deadline for registration: 22 May 2023.
  • Other accompanying persons
    We want all participants to feel comfortable and safe at re:publica. If you need an accompanying person or animal, please contact us via ticket (at) re-publica.com. We kindly ask you to contact us as soon as possible!

As always, admission for accompanying persons can only be granted with a corresponding written confirmation from us. Please contact us well in advance so that there will be no problems at the entrance. Thank you!

To receive and view your ticket(s), follow the link in the order confirmation or payment receipt that you both received by email. After following the link, you can easily download or display your ticket as a PDF file.

Didn't receive any emails with a link? Please check your SPAM folder. Nothing there either? You are however sure that made a payment? Then please contact us with the proof of payment via e-mail ticket (at) re-publica.com.

Depending on the payment method selected, tickets are displayed directly or after the payment has been processed. With "Paypal" or credit card payment, this processing may be faster than prepayment.

If tickets are not displayed even though you have proof of payment, please email ticket (at) re-publica.com with the proof of payment.

Please note: Prepayments may take a few days to process.