How can we sustainably make use of the oceans without endangering them? How can we protect the seas, coral reefs and their inhabitants? Researchers probed for answers to these questions in numerous talks within the framework of the sub:marine topic.


Social participation, the right to the city, the right to internet access, diversity and open spaces in urban and rural areas – all these aspects, brought together under the Digitizing the Greenery tag at #rp17, got everyone thinking and are far from being definitively clarified.


 Do you want to join our trip to Dublin and Thessaloniki? We are looking to fill an internship position starting 1 July 2017 to support the programme planning and editorial team for re:publica Dublin and Thessaloniki in September 2017.  


Industry 4.0, big data, digital leadership, Internet of Things, digital transformation – the stream of buzzwords is endless. The Business & Work track discussed to which extent new technologies really are changing the world of work, and what effects on daily life within the work context. A look back. 


The future is smart and digital – everything will be connected to the internet. That includes our cities. The Mobility & City track featured artists, futurists, politicians and representatives from the industry discussing possible scenarios and e-mobility. Here’s a look back. 


Above all, the Love Out Loud track should be understood as an invitation to become active in the face of problems or negative developments – be it in software or society. A look back at what happened at the re:publica 2017.


We are currently looking to fill the position of Head of the Editorial Team for the re:publica editions in Dublin and Thessaloniki, to begin immediately. Candidates should be enthusiastic and interested in topics surrounding the internet and digital society. 


Lights out, re:publica 2017 on. A look back at the re:publica track. 


Laser your own speakers or make your necklace and its 3D-printed pendant glow? Get your own personal message on a bag, so that it can be carried out into the world? As crazy as some of these examples may sound, they all became a reality within the scope of the #FASHIONTECH LAB BERLIN at the #rp17 Makerspace.


The relationship between science and fiction, technology and utopia, was the subject of many sessions at the re:publica. Speakers and visitors put their heads together to come up with strategies on how to bring the visions of science and fiction closer to a broader audience.


As usual, the three days of re:publica have gone by too fast. What also remains, as usual, are the memories of faces and discussions, lectures and encounters – and, the certainty that we will meet again on the web. A guest contribution by Mircosoft Germany.


Our media partner was busy at the re:publica. Over the course of the three days, they produced 26 video interviews on-location in their #rp17 studio. Marine biologist and #rp17 speaker Antje Boetius was among the people who stopped by for a talk. 

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