Fuffifufzich in concert

11.04.2024 - The rapper from Neukölln sings about Ferrari, heartbreak, police - and best of all: you can see her live on stage at #rp24!
Die Kunstfigur Fuffifufzich sitzt in Cowboystiefeln auf dem Boden. Sie trägt eine Sonnenbrille. Die Leinwand hinter ihr sieht aus wie ein Gemälde.
Photo Credit
Elena Peters-Arnolds

Fuffifufzich was born in 2018 with sunglasses on her face. She wants to open all hearts with songs that deal with Ferrari, heartbreak, police, but above all love and longing in the times of the big cities. 

Melancholic, spherical, dreamy synthesiser sounds match her lyrics that are rhymes full of heartache – followed by jokes so that the tears are not just caused by pain. 

We are looking forward to Fuffifufzich's concert at re:publica 24! To get you in the mood, you can listen to the title track of the debut album "Heartbreakerei".