So how does the proof for reduced tickets work?

It's simple: You should have an official document that was valid at the time of ticket purchase that you show us before validating the ticket. The name on the document should match the name on the ticket. Contact us via ticket at if this is not the case.

  • Pupils need a valid student ID with photo.
  • Students need a valid student ID with photo or a current certificate of enrolment and a photo ID.
  • Trainees and interns need an informal written confirmation from their employer or the vocational school or training centre.
  • Recipients of ALG II can show their Berlinpass or a written confirmation (e.g. official notice of eligibility).
  • Pensioners (as well as people aged 65 or older) must show a pension certificate or a photo ID with the corresponding date of birth.
  • People with disabilities need a disability pass or confirmation from re:publica (via ticket at

Please note: The documents must be (have been) valid at the time of ticket purchase. The country of origin is not relevant. Your official documents should be in German or English or clearly and easily understandable.