Is there a discount for small NGOs and non-profit organisations?

Yes! We offer discounts for small NGOs and non-profit organisations on all ticket categories. The discount is automatically deducted in the shopping cart.

Number of tickets Discount
1 - 9 10%*
10 - 100 Use group discounts in the regular ticket shop

*For NGOs and non-profit organisations only.

Checklist for claiming the discount:

  • Your NGO or NPO has less than 20 full-time employees? ✓
  • Do you work full-time or on a voluntary basis for the NGO or NPO? ✓
  • Do you want to buy less than 10 tickets? ✓

  Yes, all three of these points apply!

If you work part-time or on a voluntary basis for an NGO or non-profit organisation with more than 20 employees, you can request/reserve your NGO ticket here. After we have checked your enquiry/reservation, your ticket will be activated and you can complete the purchase process. It can take up to 48 hours for your enquiry to be processed.

Note: Not all NGOs and non-profit organisations are eligible for this offer. We reserve the right to review ticket orders.