The ticket shop does not confirm my payment or reports an error. What can I do?

In some rare cases our ticketing partner's communication with payment services is faulty.
Please check your emails to see if you have received an order confirmation from support at or ticket at

If yes, there's an email, you can use the link in that email to check whether your payment was successful or even change the payment method and try again.

If no, there's no email, but you are sure that you have ordered and/or you have a confirmation email from your payment service, you can request a new email from us (via Pretix) here. Please also check your SPAM folder for emails from support at or ticket at

If you have not received an email from us or Pretix even after a manual request, your order has not gone through. In this case you can try again. You might want to try it with a different browser or another payment method.

If you have problems with a payment made in davance by bank transfer, please look here.