What do Stage Hosts and moderators/facilitators do? And can you apply for it?

At re:publica you have the opportunity to become either a stage host or a moderator /facilitator. Here are the details for both roles:

  • Stage hosts are responsible for a specific stage on a festival day. They will announce the daily programme, guide you through the different sessions and in some cases moderate the Q&A session at the end of each session. They also inform the audience about changes to the programme and highlights on the festival grounds.
  • Moderators/facilitators conduct interviews or lead discussion panels. They are an essential part of a session, helping to keep the discussion lively, balanced and informative.

re:publica already has a pool of hosts and moderators who have worked at the event in the past. We can accommodate both full professionals and talented amateurs, depending on the size of the stage and the content of the session.

In case your are interested,, please contact the programme team at programme@re-publica.com to apply.