Do I get paid as a moderator/facilitator?

The re:publica programme is compiled from several sources. It includes submissions from our Call for Participation (CfP), content from our partners and content curated by our programme team.

  • CfP submissions should be completed by the submission deadline, including moderation / facilitation for panels and interviews. If not, we will recommend moderators from our pool, but will not pay any fees.
  • Partners can book programme slots and determine content, speakers and moderators in consultation with our team. The organisation and payment of fees or expenses for speakers and moderators are usually the responsibility of the partner.
  • Our programme team plans and curates main stage sessions, interviews and panels, sometimes in collaboration with recommendations or co-curators from our community. For these curated sessions, we select moderators /facilitators, who may be compensated based on the size of the stage and the topic.

All moderators / facitlitators receive access to re:publica for all three days and meals on the day of their moderation.