How can I apply for educational leave?

Firstly, download the notice of recognition by your federal state:

You then submit an application to your employer together with the relevant notice of recognition. Ideally, this should be done four to eight weeks before the event. The exact regulations are a matter of the federal states and therefore depend on their respective legislation.

Information for your application in the individual federal states can be found here:

If you have been granted educational leave, please register with us by sending a message to Important: In the message, please provide details of the federal state in which you work (e.g. "I would like to register my participation in re:publica 24 as educational leave for the federal state of Hamburg"). You will then receive a confirmation from us by e-mail and – if necessary – a link to an online form.

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Only for Berlin and Saarland: As these federal states have not recognised the entire event, but only the educational programme “Polaritäts-, Populismus- und Desinformationskrise mit Schwerpunkt Rechtsruck in Deutschland” (Polarity, populism and disinformation crisis with a focus on the shift to the right in Germany) as educational leave, you must have your participation in these sessions (of at least 6 hours daily) confirmed on site. The forms for this are available at the accreditation desk.

For all federal states: At re:publica 24 you can pick up a confirmation of participation at the Infopoint for submission to your place of work.