urban farmig: Setting up a DIT hydroponics unit

HfabLab, Koffi Dodji Honou, ESSOH Cyrille

Agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa has been delayed by the youth for several reasons including the lack of mechanization, the hardship of the work...
Food crops have given way to export crops such as coffee, cocoa, rubber, etc
In addition to the transmission of know-how, it's a question of discovering a new attractive, alternative ecological method
Hands On

Setting up a DIT hydroponics unit
The objective of this workshop is to manufacture devices to facilitate hydroponics farming.
More simply, through equipment such as PVC pipes, we can produce on small surfaces and with high efficiency.
In vertical hydropic culture, we can produce more than fifty of lettuce for example against a foot of lettuce in traditional culture.

Through this workshop, we will show step-by-step to the participants how they can make their own system that can work anywhere.

They will just need the following 

  • 1.5-liter plastic water bottles (recycled)
  • Plastic coffee cups (recycled)
  • PVC pipe (with Elbows for connection and junction)
  • A water pump with piping (see aquarium pumps)
  • Metal (square tube 35) - NB: if you don't, you can take wood or bamboo or any other solution that can serve as support.
  • Angle iron (45) - NB: if you don't have it, you can take wood or bamboo or any other solution that can serve as a support.
  • Wood: rulers, cleats.
  • clay balls
  • Coco fiber
  • Salad sowing (or any suitable crop) 

Koffi Dodji Honou's participation at re:publica 23 is kindly made possible by the Robert Bosch Foundation.

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