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Zwei Menschen stehen vor einer Powerbank-Station
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Rechargy - Powerbank To Go

Rechargy - Powerbank To Go isn't just a power bank; it's a promise of boundless freedom and uninterrupted connectivity! Whether you're strolling through the city, at a bustling event, or simply on the move - our 250+ power bank stations are always nearby, ready to charge your devices and preserve your energy. Also at re:publica 24.

But Rechargy is more than just a battery provider. We're the answer to the constant search for outlets and the worry that your phone might suddenly die. Our power banks are your faithful companions, giving you the freedom to move unrestricted, without fear of a drained battery.

Discover a world without tangled cords and missed calls. Experience the freedom of being charged anytime, anywhere. With Rechargy - Powerbank To Go, you can rest assured that your energy will never run out. Experience it for yourself and dive into the world of Rechargy. 🔋📱 #Rechargy