BLOND in concert – presented by GEMA

11.05.2023 - BLOND sing about depression, unhealthy relationships and against sexism – and the best thing: You can experience them live on stage at re:publica!
Die Band BLOND vor blauem Hintergrund
Photo Credit
Sarah Storch

BLOND are Nina and Lotta Kummer and Johann Bonitz from Chemnitz. BLOND celebrate "Las Vegas Glamour", no wonder, because the Saxon metropolis is known as the glamorous Las Vegas of the East and the trio embodies this attribution confidently. They have already played their way into the hearts of the nation with their debut album "Martini Sprite". The trio from Chemnitz is able to inspire its ever-growing fan community – the Blondinators – time and again.

With BLOND, playful, sparkling indie pop meets lyrics about life with menstruation, motorway machos or notorious mansplainers. Completely normal stories from everyday life decorated with glitter and tulle. Within two years, BLOND played a sold-out album tour, support tours with KUMMER, Von Wegen Lisbeth and Leoniden, among others, launched a first-class weekly podcast and published several audio books.

BLOND always succeeds in putting socially relevant topics into a pop-musical framework. Before you know it, you're in the mosh pit, loudly bawling along to choruses about mental health and against everyday sexism

We are looking forward to their concert at #rp23 – presented by GEMA!


BLOND Konzert - präsentiert von GEMA


BLOND gelingt es immer wieder, gesellschaftlich relevante Themen in einen popmusikalischen Rahmen zu packen. Ehe man sich versieht, steht man im Moshpit und grölt lauthals Refrains über Mentale Gesundheit und gegen Alltagssexismus mit. Wir freuen uns auf ihr Konzert!