CASH: The Theme of re:publica 2023

11.10.2022 - Let's talk about money.
CASH: das Motto der rp23
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CASH: Das Motto der rp23

Every design, every idea, every transformation, no matter how urgent, is confronted with monetary issues at some point. The roots and effects of the current war,  the climate and energy crises, but also the causes of social injustice and poverty are closely connected to the financial markets, to profits or losses, to greed or generosity. With the having and not having of financial means.

The motto of re:publica 2023 is therefore - blatantly and  in your face:


When we read that the richest ten percent of the world's population is responsible for 50% of CO2 emissions, it becomes clear that the other 90% will not stop climate change, even if they stop breathing & living as of now.

At re:publica 2023, we want to follow the flow of money. Where does it come from, where does it flow to, where is it used to drive questionable stock markets, where does it help to provide water for people's fields? What are the state´s responsibilities in digitization, what is being privatized and why, and what do public welfare-oriented alternatives look like? We want to ask ourselves whether democracies and social systems are a luxury  that has fallen out of time, or whether it is not rather the construct of the global market economy that is threatening to collapse under the consequences of the crises.

We are deliberately not talking about economic deals, investments, scale ups, business opportunities or any other euphemisms or embellishments originating from the financial industry. We are addressing the issue right on, we are speaking about: CASH. 

We  seriously  want to ask ourselves: What does CASH mean to us and is it more important than the climate emergency or the protection of human rights? We believe a different way of thinking about money is not only necessary, but also crucial to tackle the biggest challenges of our time.  Because in every problem, there is always a solution. We are looking for the positive power of money, the market, trade and a profit that benefits not a few, but at best everyone.

Like every motto we have had in the past, “CASH” springs not only from external impulses, but also from internal ones. The question of whether and how events like re:publica can still take place in the future is pressing. Raising the ticket prices has been a painful decision [link to other text]. We have to find solutions on how to stay true to our claim as an accessible conference for the digital society and continue to welcome those who are currently on a tight budget themselves. And of course, in spite of everything, we hold on to our claim to deliver the best contents, the most dazzling show and the most welcoming atmosphere.

Why are we confident that we are going to be able to pull it off? Because you all bring what re:publica is all about and what is not no money can pay for: real interest, lived tolerance, the right type of drinking culture ;-), and a lot of fun.


(*) CASH is to be understood here as a synonym for money, not as a distinction between cash and cashless forms of payment.