Enno Bunger: Solo on the piano

06.05.2024 - Enthusiastic, moving, emotional - that's the sound of Enno Bunger. You can experience him live on stage at #rp24.
Enno Bunger trägt ein schwarzes T-Shirt und steht draußen in der Natur vor einem Fluss oder See.
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Jan Seebeck

Enno Bunger has been providing the soundtrack for life's ups and downs for 14 years. His songs are played at weddings and funerals, and his linguistically adept lyrics are frequently quoted. With a mixture of pop, poetry, politics and punchlines, he hits the nerve of a growing audience.

Bunger's concerts are an experience. A unique mixture of emotional-intellectual indie pop, in which head and heart are balanced throughout the evening. The sensitively told stories often move to tears or moments of happiness and are accompanied with great attention to detail.

This is also the case with his fifth album, "Der beste Verlierer" (The Best Loser), on which Bunger remains thematically true to himself. Musically, Bunger combines indie, folk, rock and piano ballads with electronica and rap, but his new album also strikes new chords: the former bar pianist and church organist lets his love for the indie and rock heroes of his youth shine through. Festival fans and fans of the sound of The Killers, Bruce Springsteen or Sam Fender should like this, as long as they have no problem with the abysses that Bunger addresses in his songs. And if he does, it's only to shed some light on this great pile of darkness.

We are very much looking forward to Enno Bunger - solo on the piano - at re:publica 24! To get you in the mood, you can listen to his new album "Der beste Verlierer".

Enno Bunger Solo am Klavier

Enno Bunger

Seit 14 Jahren bietet Enno Bunger den Soundtrack für die Höhen & Tiefen des Lebens. Seine Lieder werden auf Hochzeiten und Beerdigungen gespielt. Mit einer Mischung aus Pop, Poesie, Politik und Punchlines trifft der selbsternannte „hauptberufliche Flausenleger“ den Nerv eines nachhaltig wachsenden Publikums.
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