#rp22 Speaker Sebastian Hotz: “El Hotzo” live on stage!

22.03.2022 - The social media shooting star and writer for ZDF Magazin Royale is coming to re:publica 22.
El Hotzo
Photo Credit
Diana Pfammatter

Sebastian Hotz—known to most of us as "El Hotzo"—is usually online from dawn to dusk and is known for his satirical and society-critical Tweets and Insta posts. The self-proclaimed "Jeff Bezos for Instagram likes" puts out between 10-20 posts a day to his nearly 1.5 million followers, the audience he now reaches via these channels. As a writer for ZDF Magazin Royale with Jan Böhmermann, Sebastian also appears more and more often in front of the camera. The satirist and Podcast producer is also working on various book projects and has even been a sports commentator.

How he manages to fit all that into a 24-hour day is something he really has to tell us on stage at #rp22—we can’t wait!

3 Questions for… Sebastian Hotz

In preparation for his appearance at re:publica 22, we have asked Sebastian Hotz three questions.

What topics or projects are you working on at the moment?
I'm working on my social media omnipresence, ZDF Magazin Royale, a novel and whatever stage someone puts me on.

What have you missed out on in the past two years and think is in urgent need of a reboot?
The loss of casual and occasional social encounters is one of the hidden social consequences of the pandemic - now we only talk to work colleagues or the most important people in our lives. We urgently need a comeback of meaningless conversations and completely incidental acquaintances, the social filler that consists of nothing more than easily digestible "how's it going", "not too bad" and "gotta go".

The motto of #rp22 refers to the last line of the Queen song "Bohemian Rhapsody". Which song do you think should definitely be included in a karaoke session at #rp22 and why?
"Unwritten" by Natasha Beddingfield, because you need to feel the rain on your skin.