#rp23 keynote speaker Mamphela Ramphele: Fighting for life within social and planetary boundaries

11.05.2023 - The activist Mamphela inspires and motivates people worldwide to take action for a more just society.

As a human rights and anti-apartheid activist from South Africa and co-president of The Club of Rome, Mamphela Ramphele inspires and motivates people worldwide to take action for a more just society. In addition, Mamphela has had a career as a medical doctor, academic, businesswoman and political thought leader. Together with Steve Biko, she co-founded the Black Consciousness Movement. The Black Consciousness Philosophy enabled many young people in the 1970s to self-liberate from the inferiority complex imposed by racist oppression, and inspired the revival of the liberation struggle that ushered in political freedom in 1994.

Mamphela is co-founder and Global Brand Ambassador of ReimagineSA since 2016 and Chair at the Desmond Tutu IPTrust. She has received numerous national and international awards acknowledging her scholarship and leading role in promoting the empowerment of women, youth and other oppressed people in South Africa and globally.

She is the author of several books and publications on socio-economic issues in South Africa, including “A Passion for Freedom”, “Laying Ghosts to Rest” and “Conversations with my Sons and Daughters”. Her latest book “Dreams, Betrayal and Hope” is her analysis of the state of the nation in South Africa.

We are delighted to welcome Mamphela Ramphele at #rp23 and to learn more about her activism and her perspective on the actions needed to fight the climate crisis – as well as her view on our motto “CASH”.