EcoPrints: BioPigments and SCOBY vegan Leather

Nidhi Mittal, Saad Chinoy

Participants can explore natural pigments and materials to dye and print vegan Scoby leather which is a sustainable alternative to synthetic and chemically-dyed animal leather.
Hands On

The production of leather and synthetic pigments significantly contributes to global pollution. Annually, over 700 tons of synthetic dyes are produced worldwide, with many escaping conventional wastewater treatment processes and persisting in the environment. In contrast, ancient pigments used by our ancestors did not pose environmental problems.

  1. In this workshop, we will explore sustainable alternatives to chemical pigments and revisit ancient coloring techniques.
  2. Natural pigments will be used to dye vegan leather as a more sustainable option to synthetic dyes.
  3.  Various printing techniques will be experimented with on vegan leather.

Nidhi Mittal's participation at re:publica 23 is kindly made possible by the Robert Bosch Foundation.

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