Why Critical Making? What’s Critical about Making or is Making Critical?

Regina Sipos, Garnet Hertz

A discussion about critical making: what is it, why is it relevant, and why we should talk about it. In this encounter Regina Sipos, a social entrepreneur and researcher at the intersection of society and technology, challenges Garnet Hertz, an internationally recognised designer and electronic artist, known for his work on critical making.


In this session, Regina Sipos discusses with Garnet Hertz, one of the initiators of Critical Making, the concept, its importance for a sustainable planet, and the difference between different approaches to Critical Making. The conversation explores the connection between Critical Making and responsible innovation practices, highlighting aspects such as gender diversity, capacity building, and openness, as well as a more artistic approach to Critical Making. 


Portrait of Garnet Hertz at The Studio for Critical Making in Vancouver, Canada
Canada Research Chair of Design + Media Art