The untold story of the worlds biggest private data set on the natural environment: AI and Synthetic Landscapes

Stephanie Hankey

Who collects, owns and gets insights from dynamic data collected from over 60 million hectares of land worldwide and how will this effect the future of our food security and natural systems? Synthetic Landscapes, shown at the 2023 Venice Architectural Biennale, investigates this question.
Stage 10

This talk will explore the massive scale, private collection of dynamic data on natural systems and farm workers across the world by Bayer (and formerly Monsanto) and the use of this data in the context of predicting and managing climate change.

It will reveal, for the first time, the findings of this art based investigation that fed into the bigger piece of work: Synthetic Landscapes shown at the 2023 Venice Architectural Biennale, a piece developed by Stephanie Hankey (Tactical Tech co-founder), Michael Uwemedimo (film maker) and Jordan Weber (environmental justice artist)

It will take a critical look at questions of private gain verses public interest in the struggle to use technology to solve current and future problems linked to climate change, biodiversity, food security and human health. Looking at the role of big business, industrial agriculture and one of the three largest agro-chemical companies in the world. Ultimately it will ask what questions this hitherto untold story bring to the fore for the future care of our planet and the role technology will play. 

The talk will be linked to Tactical Tech's exhibition, Everything Will Be Fine: Adventures in Techno-Solutionism.