Influence Happens, Privacy Matters: Your Data's Journey

Cassie Cladis, Helderyse Rendall

Understand the journey that data goes through, how it is applied to politics, which can then impact voter decision-making. Explore the influence industry and digital privacy topics, with resources and concrete practical steps provided along about how to best protect ourselves and our communities.
Workshop 2
Hands On

The aim of the workshop is to highlight the ways in which data gains value, our rights to privacy and the impact that data collection can have across our lives with examples also from the health field. Using Tactical Techs research on the ‘Influence Industry’, the use of personal data in political campaigning, participants will gain an understanding of the journey that our data goes through and how it impacts our political decision-making. Following, we will reflect on our right to privacy both as a society and as individuals, honing in on how identity shapes the risks our data is exposed to. To deep dive data risks, we will use the case study on fertility and menstrual apps to highlight how users of these apps are profiled and valued based on their consumer behaviours. The workshop will explore these topics of influence and privacy, through group interactions and case studies, offering resources and concrete steps along the way on how to best protect ourselves and our communities.

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