Fight the Power! Data Rights and Social Justice in the Platform Economy

Jill Toh, Michael Veale, Gloria González Fuster, Jef Ausloos, Anton Ekker

Do you rely on an online platform to earn money, whether it is through creating content or driving around people, delivering food or groceries? Or are you a user who wishes to help scrutinise platforms to foster more just conditions? Join this hands-on workshop with others who share your concerns and learn how data rights can help reclaim power.
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Hands On

Data rights are increasingly used as tools to challenge and expose problematic platform practices. Platforms heavily rely on algorithms designed to rate, rank, control, demonetise, or detect alleged fraud across work, social life, and public services. People who rely on these platforms are often prevented from having meaningful control or insight into the algorithmic systems that mediate their lives. Data rights can be used by (groups of) people to render data infrastructures transparent and dispute unfair automated decision-making. 

This workshop aims to: (a) bring together people who share concerns related to problematic algorithms and platform practices, and (b) provide practical advice and concrete tips from experts – in academia and practice – on how to use data rights in order to empower people. Anton Ekker, the strategic litigator successfully defending several Uber and Ola drivers will also explain best practices in litigating gig platforms.  

Led by two experts, the workshop will be interactive, inviting participants to share experiences, present the issues they face and jointly devise strategies involving the use of data rights. In order to facilitate more active and tailored participation, the session will involve splitting up the participants into smaller groups with a facilitator for each group. Participants can also file data rights in the session, with support on some of the key aspects to consider if they wish to conduct a request digitally. They will also learn how organisations they work with can help facilitate rights, and the role of these rights in creating a more accountable and just digital society. At the end of the workshop, the organisers will also set up a mailing list through which participants can send questions or connect with each other.