PlayOn! New Storytelling with Immersive Technologies
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PLAYON! is designed to understand, learn, test and apply the potential of immersive technologies for theatre such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), 3D Sound, Holography, simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM) or project mapping.

PLAYON! was initiated by 9 theatres from across Europe with proven experience in the creative use of digital technologies and one university with high expertise in digital research and development. Furthermore, each theatre has selected one local partner (associated) from the creative digital sector to facilitate access to technical knowledge.

The digital transformation is causing major changes in our societies. Contemporary theatre must understand the processes of digital change and incorporate the changed communication models of people into its new concepts.
Dedicated to the theme “Concrete Utopias in the Digital Age” PlayON! is designed to understand, learn, test and apply immersive technology in order to shift classical storytelling to interactive narrative formats.

PlayON! is a successful larger scale cooperation project announced by the European Commission under their European Culture Funding Stream Creative Europe.