Julian Moreno Motta

AI Engineer
HI playing with hoop
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Portrait by Hannes M. Meier

Julian Moreno is an artist focused on the use of technology as a means for exploration of performative media and installation environments. After a professional formation as a music composer he turned his attention to a "technology-based" practice exploring the possibilities of software development in the realm of arts. Currently works as an AI engineer at Birds on Mars GmbH.



Jeffrey van der Geest, Julian Moreno Motta, Casper Westhausen

Location: Arena

a.l.p.h.a is an interactive installation wherein an AI captures the visitors appearance, sending their data to the natural language model GPT-3 to generate a personalised poem. This work highlights the potential of using AI to subvert the dry nature of data collection as a means to create playful and interactive art.
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