Ulrich Formann

Ulrich Formann
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CC Salah Zater

Born in Vienn, Ulrich developed an interest for computers from an early age on. He was merely 11 years old when he learned how to program. He broadened his skill set through a high school diploma in “Multimedia“ at the School for higher Graphic Education and Research (die Graphische). His final Project “kameleon.ws”, was nominated for the “U19 – create your world” category at the Ars Electronica Festival 2016 and received the “netidee” special price.

During this time he began to reflect on the impact and ambivalences of the new digital economy, startup culture, surveillance, social media use and the decline of democracies. Rather than opting for a career in IT, he started studying Digital Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (die Angewandte) to explore these topics. He enriched his university experience by going on a one-year exchange at the “Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology” in India’s silicon valley – Bangalore - where he studied Experimental Media Art. His Diploma Project got honored with the Austrian state award for the best diploma 2022. 

Besides Ars Electronica, his projects have been displayed internationally at other festivals such as re:publica, Moneyfesta or Criatech. Several class-related and independent exhibitions also widely featured his works. Through the means of coding, reverse-engineering and hardware-hacking he is trying to explore the limits and flip sides of technology on our finite planet.