Willson Chivhanga

Willson Chivhanga headshot
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Madeline Nyamwanza

Willson is the Founder and outgoing Executive Director of For Equality Africa, a cutting edge women's rights organisation working to advance gender equality in Africa. Working across three thematic areas: economic justice; gender justice and social justice, For Equality has been championing work on macroeconomic policy in Malawi, harnessing the collective power and agency of young women to hold duty bearers accountable for macroeconomic policy decisions including public debt, public service delivery and monetary policy. Through this work, Willson led the creation of the Feminist Macroeconomics Alliance Malawi which runs the Feminist Macroeconomics Academy that has trained over 200 young women across Malawi, enhancing their knowledge and capacities as macroeconomic policy analysts and watchdogs. Under the AU CivicTech programme, For Equality is scaling up the academy, taking it virtual and breaking down complex macroeconomic terms and key documents into 'easy to understand' information that citizens can understand and use. Willson is an Obama Africa Leader, a Canvassity Pan African Democracy Fellow and sits on various boards.