Bezawork Tilahun Mindaye

makerspace Coordinator
Bezawork Tilahun Mindaye
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Bezawork Mindaye

Bezawork has been a lecturer at the Bahir Dar Institute of Technology for more than five years. She holds a Master's degree in Software Engineering from Bahir Dar University. Beza has more than two years of experience leading and organizing programs for innovation hubs. She oversees both the Bahir Dar University's BiTmakerspace and the makerspace at the Bahir Dar American Corner in Bahir Dar City. Beza intends to address the issue of youth unemployment by promoting innovation and collaborating with international partners in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Her goal is to support and guide young and female entrepreneurs with standard services, guiding them towards inclusive innovation and successful business. By developing a digital platform for networking and collaboration, she also aspires to contribute to the creative economy


Open Hardware Exhibition - Makerspace

Fadia Elgharib, Daniel Wessolek, Sara Diaz Rodriguez, Natalija Krasnoperova, Spyros Libre Water, LibreWater, Tom Dietel, Bezawork Tilahun Mindaye, Sarah Prien

The Open Hardware Exhibition will showcase a worldwide collection of open hardware, demonstrating how open hardware can end some global challenges and offer new ways to solve these challenges.

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