Nils Klowait

Research Fellow
Portrait photo of Nils Klowait, smiling.
Photo credit / Image credit
Kirsten Hötger,

Nils is a Research Fellow at at Paderborn University, working at the intersection of sociology, anthropology, and linguistics. Specific research interests include studies of virtual reality, interaction with autonomous conversational agents, and all spheres where humans intermesh with advanced technologies. He is currently involved in the TRR318, an multidisciplinary research project investigating the changing relationship between humans and artificial intelligences which seeks a way to democratize society's relationship with Ai.

Nils was previously the head of a multimodal Virtual Reality Laboratory and Senior Research Fellow at the Russian-British Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences. His projects ranged from interdisciplinary academic endeavors as well as practice-oriented collaborations with high-tech R&D entities. Nils aims to improve technologically-mediated interaction by finding ways to make it more inclusive, effective, and responsive to user needs.