Alistair Alexander

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Alistair Alexander leads projects that explore the impact of technology on people and planet, using art, research and workshops to engage a wide range of different people.

Over some years, Alistair has been worked extensively on projects investigating technology, disinformation and online harms. More recently Alistair has been researching technology’s impact on ecological systems, and how we can find a new relationship with the ecologies that surround us as we face multiple planetary crises.

Recent projects have included: Resonant Signals sonification workshopss with ZLB Libraries, Facing Disinformation online training programme, Green4Europe Hackathon for tech sustaonability projects in Georgia and Ukraine, Disinformation Self-Learning course for LGBT campaigners, and helping climate activists to build up their digital resilience.



Re:pair - how we can save ourselves from techno-utopianism to build networks for solidarity, resilience and planetary care

Alistair Alexander

Technology is a planetary parasite. It drives runaway consumerism, escalating energy use, resource extraction, digital dependency, information chaos, and relentless economic expansion to maintain its exponential growth.
We need radically different networks to regenerate the planet - and us.
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