David Lais

David Lais, Co-Founder ecolytiq & Organisation for Conscious Consumerism
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David Lais is a social entrepreneur and the founder of several innovative start-ups in the area of payments. He started his first company at the age of 16 and by pure chance entered the payments industry. In 2015, a life-changing event sparked his decision to act on climate change on a larger socioeconomic scale. Since then, he has decided to focus his expertise and passion on sustainable and socially impactful technology. As a result, he launched the non-for-profit Organisation for Sustainable Consumption (OfnK) and co-founded ecolytiq, which leverages publicly available and payments data to enable sustainable banking.

David strongly believes in the importance of consumer awareness on personal environmental impact, as a way of reducing peoples’ environmental footprints in the long term. For David, technology is not a means to an end, but rather when used correctly, an indispensable tool. „Financial data is massively underused as a tool for good and for growth- and we want to change that.“