Zulaikha Ayub

Co-founder and Co-Director
Black & white photograph of Zulaikha Ayub from mid-torso upwards
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Trained in the fields of architecture, critical geography, and nuclear politics, Zulaikha’s doctoral research deals with the spatio-temporal apparatuses of media, secrecy, and technology in relation to the Manhattan Project and subsequent nuclear armaments. With a record of educating undergraduate and graduate students for more than a decade in various institutions, including those in correctional facilities, Zulaikha offers an extensive expertise in critical drawing practices and pedagogy both inside and outside the classroom, and partly through project commissions in graphic design, cartography, and data visualization for spaces of learning, working, and creative exchange, including for those in the private sector.

Zulaikha is also co-founder/co-director of the Logische Phantasie Lab, a social startup working at the intersection of climate change, political reorganization, and new digital technologies, with a focus on advancing social good. The lab aims to develop decentralized and community-based approaches to governance and normativity, informed by the latest scientific and technological developments, in order to contribute to a more equitable and sustainable future

Zulaikha holds a B.Arch. degree from the Cooper Union, an MDesS degree with Distinction from Harvard University, and is completing her Ph.D. dissertation at Princeton University entitled “Translations from Drawing to Bombing (and Other Disarrays).” She has taught graduate and undergraduate design studios, lectures, and seminars at Cooper Union, Pratt Institute, City College of New York, Mississippi State University, Catholic University of America, and Mountainview Correctional Facility.