Denny Uhorchuk

Founder & Creative Director
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Denny Uhorchuk

Hi, I’m Denny Uhorchuk, Founder, Creative Director, and project author of the NGO "Kosmos Tabir." I have always been passionate about pushing, creating, and supporting modern culture while building communication bridges between Ukraine and Europe.

Some of my recent projects include producing the documentary film "GogolTrain" in 2023, establishing the "Headquarters" Youth Center for the development of modern culture in Vinnytsia in 2023, and revitalizing film culture, theatrical, and musical events at the "Zvukotseh" festival in the film studios named after Oleksandr Dovzhenko in Kyiv in 2023.

I have also founded other projects such as the "Podilskyi Public House" for developing local culture in Spaska street in Kyiv, the "Naibudekino" project that rethinks the House of Cinema and develops modern film culture and the film community of Ukraine, and the "Carpathian Station" international urban and music festival that hosted participants from 25 countries in 2022.

I've launched "Cosmos Workshop" in 2020, which is a demonstration project for the launch of a modern office of a public organization that includes an office, a workshop, a cultural center, and a hub for the youth community in Podil, Kyiv. In 2019, I established "GogolTrain," the first legal art train in Europe, which travelled from Kyiv to Mariupol and back, and in 2018, I directed the film "Expedition" that tells the story of a bridge in Kyiv.

I am excited to establish a new bridge between re:publica and Ukraine, improve my skills, and look forward to networking and collaborating with great people from around the world.