Aysun Aytaç

Research Associate
It's a photograph of the impressive installation by the artist Vincent Ganivet in La Havre in France. It's a string of multicolored shipping containers making up two monumental arches that sit between the city and the sea. It's like a giant set of building blocks. The photo frame shows the installation on green grass under a cloudy but not so dark sky.
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Aysun Aytaç

Aysun is a design researcher working at the research group Competence Centre for Design and Management at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland. Her background is industrial/product design.

She is interested in combining theories and approaches from design, material culture, ethnography, everyday life and design thinking to explore interactions between people and artifacts.

Currently, she is contributing to an interdisciplinary research project (VA-PEPR) which looks into how people experience voice assistants (VAs) in their homes and private lives and how they develop new practices and routines around their use of VAs. By focusing on the home environment, user experience, and ethical issues, the project aims to contribute to a deeper understanding of this new technology.