Daniela Gandorfer

Co-founder and Co-Director
Color photograph of Daniela Gandorfer against a grey background.
Photo credit / Image credit
Dejan Ivković

Daniela is Assistant Professor at University of Westminster Law School, London, with a PhD from Princeton University. Her research focuses on law and emerging modes of normativity in scientific and technological frontier spaces. She received numerous awards, including the 2021 ASciNA Young Scientist Award, and co-edited the Research Handbook in Law and Literature as well as the Theory & Event special issue "Matterphorical". Her book, Matterphorics: On the Laws of Theory, is forthcoming with Duke University Press.

Daniela is also a blockchain-governance consultant and the co-founder/co-director of the Logische Phantasie (LoPh) Lab, a social startup working at the intersection of climate change, political reorganization, and new digital technologies, with a focus on advancing social good. The lab aims to develop decentralized and community-based approaches to governance and normativity, informed by the latest scientific and technological developments, in order to contribute to a more equitable and sustainable future.