Bram Goots

Still & Moving image maker
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Bram Goots

Trained as a mixed media artist at Middlesex University London, Bram Goots works as a photographer in a wide array of settings: press photography, reportage for socio-cultural or philanthropic organisations, film set photography, …

Principally his work is linked with that of artists, art organisations and museums, musicians, theatre- and moviemakers. He has been the in-house photographer of the M HKA (Museum of Contemporary Arts Antwerp) for 15 years.

He is a founding member of the international photographers’ collective OST (Oiseaux Sans Têtes) and was an original member of the photo cooperative Picturetank in Paris.

From the start Bram also developed his work as a camera operator/cinematographer. He has been involved in several documentary projects, video clips, tv series, infomercials and commercials. Over the last years he started also working as a B-camera/2nd Unit operator on feature films such as Yummy and Baghdad Messi.

Since 1998 Bram is responsible for the imagery for Agence Future and the logistics of this project as well as artistic interpretations and representations of the collection of images of the future produced in co-creation with futures researchers, artists, experts and non-experts alike.