Severin Matusek

Foto Severin Matusek
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Louis Headlam

I’m an editor, strategist and curator. I’m interested in the societal and cultural impact of new technologies; how the tools we use change the way we express ourselves, connect with others and create meaning in our lives.

What I’m doing now (2023) I run co—matter, a research & strategy studio in Berlin.

I write a newsletter. I use writing as a process to gain clarity and connect ideas, resulting in longer-form essays on topics such as the value of NFTs, the gamification of web3 and the evolution of identity.

I host The Culture & Technology Podcast, a series of conversations with curators, researchers, artists, architects, directors and other leading creatives on how technology shapes cultural experiences.

I’m a founding member of ProteinDAO, contributor at Metalabel and RADAR DAO and curator at Startupy.