Maria Paula Fernández

María Paula Fernández
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María Paula Fernández

I’m María Paula Fernández (MP for short), from Buenos Aires, Argentina, living in Berlin, Germany since 2013. Co-founder at JPG, and focused on scaling the project and looking after its vibrant community.

Before that, I had been working in the blockchain space since June 2017, in communications and strategy, have consulted or worked for projects such as Polkadot, Gnosis, Melonport, Ethereum Community Fund, Golem, Akropolis, Concourse Open, Avalanche, and other grassroots and established projects on the Ethereum ecosystem.


  • Co-Founder at JPG Protocol where I spend most of my time building cultural infrastructure for web3’s cultural objects (NFTs), and curate some IRL shows for fun when time allows, mostly in Berlin.
  • Occasional angel investor in Finiliar, Tessera (former Fractional), Astaria, Hyype, and other infrastructure blockchain projects.
  • Sometimes I write good stuff too - here’s my article on the history of curation, moderation, online communities and JPG.
  • Doing very cool art projects:
    • StrikeDAO with Hito Steyerl: quadratic voting app, a discussion about governance and institutions, and a final piece of art done live at Bundeskunsthalle Bonn
    • Twenty-One Art Worlds: A Game Map
    • Mapping the Berlin rich history of blockchain art since its beginnings with Stina Gustafsson and Chris Dake-Outhet
    • Occasional contributor to the dead company spiritism section Dotcom Seance
    • Helped the CATPC technically conceptualise, plan and get accustomed to web3 tools for the first case of digital restitution:
    • Ocassional IRL show curator - Nodous in May 2022, and Merkle Root: Berlin in September 2022 are my last projects. One day I’ll revamp this website to show a portfolio instead of photos in Google Drive, but today’s not that day.
  • Retired Founder at Department of Decentralization (ETHBerlin, Görli Testnet, DoD Art Department) - now only doing the art part of it all.