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Pedro Harres is a Berlin-based Brazilian director, animator, scriptwriter, and multimedia artist. He studied film, animation, and philosophy. His work varies greatly in terms of imagery and formats, including installations, films, and XR. However, an allegorical use of space can be perceived as a constant throughout his work; space considered not only as support for the mise-en-scène, but as a layer that deepens storytelling, calls for reflection, and ultimately resignifies the artwork. Castillo y el Armado, his first animated short, received numerous awards and premiered at the Venice71 - Orizzonti Competition. From The Main Square is his Master’s thesis in Directing Animation at Babelsberg Film University, his debut in interactive VR and won the Grand Jury Prize from Venice Immersive at Venice79.


From The Main Square

Pedro Harres

A compact illustration of social disruption. A civilization blossoms, with all its contradictions, only to become a danger to itself.

"From The Main Square" is an interactive VR experience that invites the viewer to witness the rise and fall of a divided society.
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