alyona alyona

alyona alyona wearing a track suit with determined, sincere face expression
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alyona alyona is the winner of the ANCHOR Award'19 (Reeperbahn Festival International Music Award for the most promising emerging music talent), the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards'21 and the Public Choice Award'21.

Alyona alyona's live carrier started in 2019, though she makes hip-hop music for more than 10 years. Her debut video "Ribki" became a viral hit in Ukraine after its release in October 2018.  The young  kindergarden teacher from a small town near Kyiv became the overnight hip-hop sensation. 

alyona alyona raps in her native language Ukrainian. And the way her words flow, hiss, roll, groove, and rush out? In a word: wow. Massive, dynamic drive put to dark, pumping beats. Alyona alyona is already a role model in Ukraine. Her videos, in which she proudly dances as the queen of the street in front of the housing projects of her hometown Baryshivka, or stages herself as a fairytale matriarch in a dystopian world, have millions of viewers. 

alyona alyona does without bling and pomp. In her songs, she prefers to talk about images of women beyond the usual beauty clichés ("Ribki") or young adults who bemoan the situation in Ukraine and leave the country ("Salischaju swij dim"). She’s a pop artist who’s grounded, having worked at the supermarket checkout and as a make-up saleswoman before becoming an educator and studying psychology. Now she no longer delivers her message - informative and often humorous - as a preschool teacher, but as a  powerful rap performer.